graveside2Funerals are typically a very somber and sad affair, and for the most part they’re pretty low-tech. After all most of the time it just involves relatives and friends coming together to say the final farewell before the casket is lowered into the ground or before it is cremated.

However an Irish company has decided to make funerals a slightly more hi-tech affair by offering the ability to stream funerals onto the internet as part of the company’s new business venture. Wait, isn’t this a little morbid not to mention an invasion of privacy for mourners who wish to grieve in private?

Well thankfully there will be password protection, meaning that only those who have been given the password will be able to access the event, although we’re not sure who would enjoy live streaming funerals unless its about someone you know, right?

According to the man behind the plan, Alan Foudy, their target customers are Irish immigrants who might not necessarily have the money or time to travel back to their home country to attend funerals, so by offering to stream the process, it allows them to be there in some form or the other.

He states, “Wherever in the world our client may be, whether it is in Australia or the United States, this service provides them with private weblink to a live stream of a funeral service or the option of a video recording of the entire service, including the burial, within two hours of its conclusion.”

Naturally the streaming process will not be free of charge but we reckon it will still be cheaper than flying back home. Admittedly it is a pretty morbid idea but an interesting one nonetheless, but what do you guys think? Yay or nay on the funeral live stream?

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