titanfall-patchIf you have not gotten enough of Titanfall on your Xbox One just yet, then you might have run into connectivity issues for Titanfall on the PC and Xbox One platforms. Fret not, though, as the folks over at Respawn claim that they are fully well aware of this particular situation, and intend to make the necessary changes and modifications in order to keep everything running fine and dandy again.


In fact, it has been a few hours since Titanfall players on both the PC and Xbox One platforms have reported noticeable connectivity problems. It is nice to see Respawn stuff being up to date with the latest happenings as they intend to keep their user base happy, having acknowledged the connectivity issues which affect both PC and Xbox One versions. Microsoft, too, is not going to just sit back and do nothing as they are currently working alongside Respawn to patch things up.

In the mean time, it makes perfect sense to just sit back and relax. Heck, you can also opt to quit Titanfall and go do some other stuff in the real world, instead of putting the very essence of your existence into a computer game. Enjoy the spring air and carry out a conversation with your neighbor, unless he or she is also a huge Titanfall fan.

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