lg-washingWhile washing machines are pretty much essential when it comes to washing clothes, they barely get any coverage simply because for the most part, that’s all they do. However during InnoFest 2014, LG has taken the wraps off a new washing machine that might be of interest to new homeowners, especially since their new washing machine comes with support for NFC.

Washing machines come with a bunch of presets that will determine how much water to use and how hot the temperature should be, as well as how many spins or refills are needed. For example if you wanted a quick wash, the machine might only spin your clothes for a few minutes, versus a longer wash where it might spin more times and use more water.

Through the use of NFC, users will be able to download new programs onto their smartphone, tap it against the washing machine, and have those programs loaded into the machine for use. The NFC connectivity feature will also allow smartphone users to find out certain minor problems that their washing machine might have thanks to the Smart Diagnosis feature.

Apart from the NFC connectivity, the washing is pretty much standard fare. It comes with TrueSteam technology that comes with three additional features such as Steam Refresh, Allergy Care, and Steam Softener.

Perhaps the NFC feature could be considered to be a novelty addition as opposed to an actual function that is welcomed by users, but as smartphones start to become more ubiquitous, we can only expect more features like these to make their way into household appliances in the future.

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