minecraft-xboxoneAre you a huge fan of the Minecraft game? If you have answered in the affirmative, you would definitely be pleased to hear that the tu14 update for Minecraft is right now ready, and it ought to make its way to the Xbox 360 console in due time. Of course, this bit of news would also translate to the very real possibility of the Xbox One being on the receiving end of a Minecraft title soon, too. After all, developers 4J Studios happen to be working on multiple console versions at the same time, and it goes without saying that in order to handle that many platforms simultaneously, it is not an easy thing to do at all.

It does give hope that once tu14 roll out, the whole team can then concentrate on the Xbox One version. Of 4J Studios did mention that it might be weeks before the update lands on the Xbox 360, but what is a little bit of waiting in this day and age, right? Apart from that, there is also speculation going on that Minecraft for Xbox One will be introduced to the masses earlier compared to the Sony PS4 version, although when the time comes, we will find out for ourselves, won’t we?

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