mysticLet’s just put it this way, the National Security Agency, or NSA for short, has not exactly been the darling government organization to date. Unfortunately for us, the ‘Big Brother’ role that the NSA plays has raised the ire of many a citizen due to privacy issues.

In fact, it has been reported that the NSA has already developed a surveillance system which is capable of recording “100 percent” of a foreign country’s telephone calls. This would prove to be a unique engineering triumph on the proverbial (and real) battlefield, as it allows the NSA to rewind and review conversations for up to a month since these conversations happened. 

A senior manager for the program has compared it to a time machine, where it replays voices from any call without having to identify the person in advance for surveillance. This voice interception program that is known as MYSTIC kicked off in 2009.

The initial deployment saw its collection systems record “every single” conversation nationwide, where 30 billion of these conversations are stashed away in a 30-day rolling buffer that will follow the First In, First Out process.

I do wonder how many world leaders will be more careful of what they say in private to family and friends concerning other states or countries from now on.

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