oero3dWhat do you think of 3D printing technology? Is it so frivolous and remains the domain of those who are simply flushed with cash, or does the regular man on the street have a decent shot at some 3D printing leisure without having to burn through his life savings? The folks over at Oreo recently made use of 3D printing technology in order to print out cookies in a whole lot of different flavors, and all of these were duly shared to attendees at the SXSW. In order to achieve this generous and tasty result, Oreo relied on a “Trending Vending Machine” which will make use of the power of social media in order to determine just which particular flavor and color combination that is should print.

This particular 3D printing machine was created by technology design firm and innovation lab MAYA Design, where one will need to choose their cookie configuration from a touchscreen panel. As soon as you have decided on a color and flavor of choice, sit back and relax as the Trending Vending Machine would get the rest of the job done. Too bad this is not going to print out a glass of milk that will go down perfectly with your Oreo cookie as you dunk it in, right?

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