sony-virtualrealityCome next week, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) will be held. The event will last from the 17th of March until the 21st of March, and we guess it’s really anyone’s guess as to what might be shown off or shared during the event.

However if the rumors are to be believed, there is a chance that Sony could be taking the event as an opportunity to share more details about its virtual reality headset, which at this point in time very little is known about it.

As it stands when it comes to virtual reality headsets, Oculus Rift is probably a name that many are familiar with. The headset is definitely not the first VR headset around, but it’s one that has sort of made it into the mainstream, and deservingly so.

The headset has seen many uses for it, such as for gaming along with other more novel purposes that lets the wearer have an experience which might not necessarily be related to gaming.

As far as Sony’s own VR headset is concerned, apparently this headset has been designed for the Sony PS4 in mind and is apparently better than that of the first-gen Oculus Rift kit. The headset has also been rumored to have made its way into the hands of developers so hopefully more details will be revealed at the conference.

If you like the idea and the concept of virtual reality and its use in gaming, check back with us next week to see if there are any details to be had.

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