roboclamImitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so the saying goes, and when it comes to the realm of science, why reinvent the wheel when nature already provides us with the relevant examples of how to run things efficiently? Want to fly? Look to the birds. Intend to explore the depths of the oceans without getting crushed by the immense pressure? Check out the ocean life there, and you’ll figure it out. Want to help a boat remain anchored in an assured manner? Ask a clam. At least, this is what MIT researchers have done, resulting in a robotic version of the clam.

Who would have thought that a simple razor clam would be able to come under such spotlight? These clams have the ability to burrow deep into sand, not to mention being super difficult to remove once they have done so, sort of like the fictional X-Men character, the Blob. A robotic version of the clam might just function as a smart anchor for boats.

The robotic clam is basically an energy-efficient device which is capable of functioning as a smart anchor that can change its position easily. This kind of anchor would come in handy when used for scientific tools in the ocean in order to help measure currents, and can even function as a detonator for underwater mines.

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