samsung-fingersIt might not be April Fool’s yet over here in the US, but for many other parts of the world, they are well into April 1st, and I am quite sure that there is a fair number of people who have already been pranked. Samsung too, does not want to miss out on the April Fool’s bandwagon, and have introduced Samsung Fingers, which happens to be the first all-over-hand wearable device that will boast of a flexible Super Emo-LED that will target the technology-sensitive consumer.

The Samsung Fingers happens to be Samsung’s first wearable glove, and if it were to be realized with technology of tomorrow, then Samsung Fingers would hold the record for being the slimmest (0.2mm) and lightest (1g) wearable glove by Samsung, sporting a 3” flexible UHD Super Emo-LED display to boot.

Heck, since this can be considered to be a concept if you were to think about it, one might as well go the whole nine impossible yards. This means the Samsung Fingers would feature an advanced 16 megapixel camera as well, and supports non-existent networks and standards such as 5G and Wi-Fi 902.11wz. I guess each time April 1st comes around, we will be able to see which company has a sense of humor, while others stick to serious business.

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