a6000_zpsa5af5fc3We have been hearing rumors about how the Sony NEX-7 camera would be getting a successor, although the question is, has its successor already been revealed? Earlier in February, Sony announced the A6000 which was supposed to be an in-between camera for the Sony NEX-5T and the Sony A65, but as it turns it the camera might actually be a replacement for the NEX-7.

This is according to a recent Sony presentation (pictured in the photo above) obtained by the folks at Winandmac which points at the A6000 replacing the NEX-7 as far as Sony’s cameras are concerned. In fact the camera is being ranked the same as the NEX-7 which is surprising given that the specs are different and that the camera is a lot more affordable as well.

According to Sony Alpha Rumors, they claim that their sources have told them many times that the A6000 is a replacement for both the NEX-6 and the NEX-7, although we’re not sure if this means that there will be no NEX-7 successor that we’ve been hearing about, or if the NEX-7’s successor will be much better than its predecessor, which would result in it sitting higher in Sony’s ranks.

Either way if you were still on the fence regarding a camera purchase, we guess this is something you might want to take into consideration, in case you felt that the A6000 was not as good as the NEX-7. Of course personal preferences do matter, but as far as Sony is concerned, it seems that they think that the A6000 is good enough to replace the NEX-7, at least until the “true” NEX-7 successor is announced.

The Sony A6000 has yet to be released but it should be released in the near future where it will be priced at around $650 for the body-only.

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