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Sony A6000 Replaces The NEX-7, According To Sony Presentation Slide
We have been hearing rumors about how the Sony NEX-7 camera would be getting a successor, although the question is, has its successor already been revealed? Earlier in February, Sony announced the A6000 which was supposed to be an in-between camera for the Sony NEX-5T and the Sony A65, but as it turns it the camera might actually be a replacement for the NEX-7.This is according to a recent Sony […]

Sony NEX-7 Successor Rumored For Early 2014 Announcement
According to Sony Alpha Rumors’ sources, it seems that come early 2014 there is a very good chance that we will be seeing the Sony NEX-7’s successor. Given that CP+ in Japan is taking place mid-February, the publication believes that we could see the device announced around that time. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but if you loved the NEX-7 and are wondering what sort of […]

Sony NEX-7 Out Of Stock In Some Stores, Successor Imminent?
We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about Sony launching a full-frame NEX camera, which supposedly will be the successor to the NEX-7. The camera has been pegged for a late September announcement and it seems that in the meantime, it looks as though the Sony NEX-7 has been out of stock in most Sony stores, suggesting that perhaps we could indeed be looking at its successor very soon. The […]

Sony NEX-7's Successor's Body Design Gets A Description [Rumor]
We’ve been hearing rumors about a possible successor to the Sony NEX-7, tentatively known as the NEX-7n for now, and how the camera could be announced during the summer. Whether the previous reports and rumors are true remains to be seen, but in the meantime the folks at Sony Alpha Rumors have heard a new tip about the NEX-7’s successor, namely the description of the camera’s body. According to the […]


Sony NEX-7 Successor October Shipping Date Rumored
Sony NEX-7 successor said to arrive this October.

Sony NEX-7 Successor Possibly Delayed Due To Manufacturing Problems [Rumor]
We’ve been hearing rumors about the successor of Sony’s NEX-7 camera and that it could possibly be announced in the summer, but it seems that there could be a slight chance of delay. According to the folks at Sony Alpha Rumors, they claim to have gotten a tip from one of their sources that the NEX-7’s successor could be delayed, and apparently the reason behind the delay is due to […]

Sony NEX-7's Successor Rumored For Summer Announcement
We’ve been hearing a fair bit about the upcoming Sony NEX-7n, the rumored successor to Sony’s NEX-7 mirrorless camera. Early rumors have pointed at a May release, but now according to a report from Sony Alpha Rumors, they believe that according to their sources, the NEX-7n is expected to ship sometime in Autumn, although the camera is not expected to be called the NEX-7n and will instead get a new […]

Sony NEX-7n Rumored For May Release
You might have heard some rumors about the Sony NEX-7n, the alleged successor to the NEX-7 mirrorless camera. You might have also heard that according to previous rumors, the camera has been delayed from its purported April announcement. However according to the folks at Sony Alpha Rumors, they claim to have gotten a tip which has suggested that the Sony NEX-7n, while missing its April announcement, could instead be announced […]

Sony NEX-7n Announcement Could Be Delayed For A Couple Of Months
Remember we reported that according to rumors, the Sony NEX-7n, successor the NEX-7, would be delayed. Rumored for an announcement in April, it’s hard to be bummed out by news of a delay over a product that may or may not exist. In any case for those wondering what could be the issue, the folks at Sony Alpha Rumors claim that according to their source, the reason for the delay […]

Additional Sony NEX-7n Specs Revealed, Rumored For April Announcement
The Sony NEX-7 is currently the highest priced NEX camera in Sony’s portfolio, although if the rumors of the NEX-9 are true, then it would be the second-most expensive. According to Sony Alpha Rumors, they have managed to dig up additional information about the NEX-7n and according to their sources, they believe that an announcement for the NEX-7n could be made in early April, and for those who can’t wait […]

Sony NEX-7n Rumored For April Announcement
The Sony NEX-7 is probably the most expensive camera from Sony’s NEX mirrorless camera lineup. It features some pretty impressive hardware specs which produces some pretty amazing quality photos. Now if you were hoping for an update to the NEX-7, you might be in luck because according to a tip obtained by Sony Alpha Rumors, it seems that come April, Sony could be announcing the NEX-7’s successor, the NEX-7n. This […]

Sony NEX-7m Rumored To Be The NEX-7's Successor
The Sony NEX-7 is a pretty amazing camera for its size, not to mention the quality of photos that it manages to capture, but if you thought that there is still some room for improvement, the folks at Sony Alpha Rumors have received a tip from an anonymous source claiming that the successor to the NEX-7 is called the NEX-7m. The exact specs of the alleged NEX-7m remain unknown, but […]

Sony NEX-7 up for pre-order again, expected to start shipping in April 2012
Sony’s NEX-7 mirrorless camera system was expected to see a launch by the end of the year, but unfortunately due to the flood in Thailand which affected Sony’s factories, the launch of the device was delayed. Sony then managed to get it sorted out but due to the delay in manufacturing, not all orders managed to get fulfilled and only those who had placed their pre-orders much earlier would be […]

Sony Alpha NEX-7 unboxed on video
We all know that Sony will being to ship out its upcoming Alpha NEX-7 camera sometime this month despite the recent floods in Thailand – but for those of you who don’t believe the company and are thinking about cancelling your pre-order, the folks over at Sony have released a couple of videos to show you that they do have the camera on hand. The video shows them unboxing the […]