The Sony PS4 has been extremely successful ever since its release, and the next generation console does look set to continue to burn up the hardware sales charts in the months (and perhaps years) ahead, although you might not want to purchase the Sony PS4 if you happen to live in South America, as that region sports some mighty high prices for the console. Having said that, the folks over at Sony are pleased to announce that there are more than 1,000 developers who have been licensed to self-publish on the PlayStation 4.

This would make Sony extremely grateful for the 1,000 plus developers who happen to self-publish through the PlayStation 4. This would end up as a two-way relationship that would also benefit the PlayStation brand, and this is why Sony has decided to extend a word of thanks to these self publishers.

Out of the 1,000 developers who are licensed globally to self-publish, approximately 200 of them happen to be in North America. Without the need for a middleman now, independent developers have one less thing to worry about especially in terms of revenue. We hope that the independently published titles would not end up to be games that are not worth playing, and who knows? A new hit IP might actually emerge. [Press Release]

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