surface-pro-2-hands-on-7Earlier this year we reported that Microsoft had quietly updated its Surface Pro 2 tablets with a new processor, specifically that of the Intel Core i5-4300U clocked at 1.9GHz. This is compared to the first iteration of the Surface Pro 2 tablet that was clocked slightly slower at 1.6GHz and ran on an Intel Core i5-4200U processor.

Given that we heard about these changes in January, we’d have expected that Microsoft would have released the updated tablets by now, but as it turns out, they haven’t. According to a report from PC Pro, one of their readers, Jo Halfacre called Microsoft to verify if the new Surface Pro 2 tablets did indeed sport the 4300U processors, to which the rep on the phone said that it did which led to her placing her order.

The unit arrives and it turns out that the tablet is still running on the older processor and according to the rep she spoke to, it seems that the models with the 4300U processor weren’t in stock yet. She was then told to wait a week and call back as that was when they expected stock to be made available.

Now all of this took place in January but she tried once again in February and got the same results. It turns out that she’s not alone as she found out that there have been multiple complaints from other customers whose tablets came with the i5-4200U instead of the i5-4300U. According to Halfacre, “I now feel like I’m in limbo because I don’t feel that I can trust what I am told by anyone from Microsoft. I need a new tablet/laptop and I am two months done the line and still waiting!”

To be fair the i5-4200U is perfectly fine and is more than capable of getting the job done, although we guess we can understand how customers might feel a little “cheated” especially since they were expecting a tablet with slightly better hardware. Any new Surface 2 owners out there whose tablets are still powered by the i5-4200U processor? Or has Microsoft finally released the models running i5-4300U?

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