etui-silicone-iphone-6-06One of the ways case manufacturers can get a jump on the competition is if they’re willing to begin producing cases for phones that haven’t been released yet. This means that the dimensions aren’t official but they are still willing to take the risk if it means that they will be the first on the market to offer up cases and accessories for a brand new device.

Now thanks to a recent photo by, a photo of an alleged iPhone 6 case has surfaced and based on the photos, it looks like the rumors could be right when they suggested that the iPhone 6 could see its power/sleep button repositioned. As we can see in the image above, everywhere else appears to be the same.

The volume rocker and mute switch is still placed on the left of the phone, the camera cutout is still in the same time, but interestingly enough to the right of the phone there appears to be a button which we can only presume is meant for the power/sleep button as the top right hand corner is missing any cutouts or buttons.

This photo also seems to be in line with an earlier leaked photo of yet another iPhone case which showed the repositioned button. Of course it is entirely possible that whoever made these cases are basing their designs on the rumors and alleged specifications of the phone, especially since we doubt Apple would be sharing their plans with accessory makers this early in.

We’re not sure why Apple would be moving the power/sleep button but perhaps they have rearranged the internals to accommodate the larger design, who knows, but in any case it seems that the rumors are here to stay for now, so hopefully additional information will surface later that will confirm what we’ve been seeing.

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