From the looks of things, it seems that Twitter doesn’t have a problem with getting people to sign up. It has already been established as the second largest social network, behind Facebook. Twitter is one of the best online services for real-time information, and many people use it for just that. A new report from Twopcharts suggests that nearly 44 percent of the 974 million accounts have never sent a single tweet. Twopcharts monitors activity on Twitter accounts.

The figures don’t reveal if those users even log into their accounts or not. Some users are only on Twitter to follow their favorite celebrities, news organizations, personalities etc and they never feel the need to Tweet. Since Twopcharts can only tell when an account retweets or sends out its own tweet, it can’t account for users who log in and read tweets daily, but never post. Thus it can’t be said that 44 percent of Twitter’s entire population is dead air.

In the last three months of last year Twitter had 241 million monthly active users. By Twitter’s standards, an active user is one who logs into the service at least once a month. They don’t have to tweet to be classified as one. Twopcharts also says that only 30 percent of existing accounts have send 1-10 tweets, whereas only 13 percent have posted at least 100 tweets.

User retention is key for Twitter’s business, and it has already been trying out a couple of new features to boost engagement. These actions help it earn revenue, which Twitter needs, because it has never posted a dollar in profit.

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