8822-205-140401-Bayonet-9-xlIn the past we have seen Apple patents which seems to suggest that Apple could be toying with the idea of removable camera lenses on its iPhone, where it would be possible for users to swap lenses much like they would on a digital camera.

Now thanks to a recently discovered patent, it would seem like Apple has spent quite a bit of time thinking about such a setup. According to the latest patent, it talks about how the iPhone could sport a bayonet mount in which various lenses could be mounted. In fact the bayonet lens mount is one of the more commonly used mechanisms in modern photography, so it would not necessarily be a reinvention of the wheel.

The patent notes that other types of mounts, such as cases with mount screws will change the design of the device which might seem undesirable. The patent also mentions magnetic mounts as a possibility but admits that such mounts might not be as secure and could result in lenses that are misaligned.

Apple’s patent on the other hand suggests a bayonet mount which will slightly protrude from the phone itself and will come with a guide dot to help users align and fit in lenses. Interestingly enough a recently leaked iPhone photo revealed a camera that protruded slightly which seems to coincide with this patent. However it was the lack of a true tone flash that seemed to suggest that the photos could be a fake.

In any case a design like this doesn’t really feel like an Apple design, since the protrusion of the bayonet mount is a little out of place when considering the rest of the phone’s otherwise sleek and flat surfaces. Then again this is just a patent and there’s no telling if Apple plans to implement it, but what do you guys think? Could official iPhone lens accessories be Apple’s answer to Project Ara, at least in some part?

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