mulsanne-hybridIt goes without saying that there is a fast growing group of nouveau riche over in China, and luxury car maker Bentley is not going to let this opportunity pass them by. No sir, they have underlined the importance of the Chinese market by using the Beijing motor show as its vehicle (pardon the pun) to unveil its very first attempt at a hybrid concept car, not to mention using this opportunity to debut another three more models.

This hybrid ride will be based on Bentley’s £225,000 flagship Mulsanne model, where the hybrid system makes use of both petrol and electric power, allowing you to plug into its mains in order to juice up your ride whenever it starts to run low on juice. The manufacturer touts that the system will be able to increase the car’s power output by 25%, while cutting emissions by 70%, in addition to letting you get around on this vehicle for 30 miles before its batteries run well and truly flat.

Ricky Tay, Bentley’s China managing director, shared, “China has always been a key market for Bentley and, after a remarkable year in 2013, we have seen an impressive start to 2014 with a 19pc increase in sales in the first quarter. Our customer base is growing and we are expanding our dealer network to offer our ultra luxury products and a unique brand experience throughout the region.”

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