While there are some who still believe that gas-powered cars are more powerful than electric, the trend is definitely shifting to electric, so much so that companies that used to ignore the electric car segment are starting to take a look at it. The good news is that we can add another company to that list in the form of Bentley.

In a report from Auto Express (via Auto Blog), Bentley lead designer Stefan Sielaff has confirmed to the publication that electric cars are something that they will be looking into in the near future. He was quoted as saying, “A full electric Bentley is something I am extremely convinced we have to do. It will happen not so far in the future.”

It might be too early to tell what Bentley might come up with, but when asked what Sielaff had in mind, the designer said that he was looking to make it a completely fresh and new development as opposed to imitating another concept. He also states that this would give the team “a great chance to establish a completely new design language for the company.”

It’s not a surprise that Bentley is tossing their hat into the ring because like we said, many carmakers have started to get into electric cars as well. Let’s not forget Tesla who have been making waves for creating electric cars with incredible performance and looks, something that we’re sure many super car makers will want a slice of.

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