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Bentley’s Fully-Electric Car Will Only Arrive In 2025 At The Earliest
Many carmakers have been hopping on board the electric bandwagon as the industry moves towards a more sustainable future. However, there are still some companies who have been holding out. For example, Ferrari recently revealed that the company’s first fully-electric car will only arrive in 2025 at the earliest.

Bentley's Newest Concept Car Has An AI Butler
Bentley has revealed its EXP 100 GT concept car which is meant to mark the 100 year milestone for this iconic company. It envisages the future of grand touring with this vehicle which looks very futuristic and also boasts some very futuristic features such as an artificial intelligence-powered butler.

Luxury Carmaker Bentley To Start Making Electric Cars
While there are some who still believe that gas-powered cars are more powerful than electric, the trend is definitely shifting to electric, so much so that companies that used to ignore the electric car segment are starting to take a look at it. The good news is that we can add another company to that list in the form of Bentley.

Bentley Releases Apple Watch App For Its $200,000 SUV
The age of the connected car is upon us. Our cars are smarter than they used to be so we can now control many things using our smartphones and smartwatches there were previously not possible unless you were inside the car. Like many other car makers who have released apps for their connected cars, Bently today released an Apple Watch app for its $200,000 Bentayga SUV.


Vertu Launches Signature Touch For Bentley Android Smartphone
Vertu is a brand that many have come to associate with luxury smartphones, which also means that collaborating with other high-end brands is to be expected. Just last year, Vertu teamed up with Bentley to create the Vertu Signature, which is basically a feature phone with premium materials and the Bentley badge slapped on it.If you were hoping for a smarter option, you’re in luck as Vertu is back with […]

Bentley Unveils The Bentayga Luxury SUV
When you think of luxury cars, not sports cars, you might think of brands like Rolls Royce or Bentley. These brands seem to exude a certain amount of class and elegance to them, versus other brands like Ferrari which exudes a sportiness and speed factor. Now if you were in the market for a new SUV, Bentley has you covered.Bentley might not be a company known for creating SUVs, but […]

Vertu Targets Bentley Owners With New Handset
It goes without saying that if you happen to have a Bentley in your garage, you are pretty much set for life, with a nice and fat bank account, a lovely mansion for a home, as well as other exotic rides that you alternate each day just for variety. How about making sure that you also communicate in style in order to be different from the rest of the business […]

iPhone 5s & iPad Air Used To Create This Bentley Ad
Usually when we think of photography and videography used for professional photoshoots, we think of DSLRs and expensive video cameras, or sometimes expensive DSLRs that double up as video cameras. This is because high-end devices offer up more control and better quality, at least compared to our smartphones.However as we have pointed out before, it’s how one uses their equipment that matters as well, and the video above should prove […]

Bentley Hybrid Car Set To Wow
It goes without saying that there is a fast growing group of nouveau riche over in China, and luxury car maker Bentley is not going to let this opportunity pass them by. No sir, they have underlined the importance of the Chinese market by using the Beijing motor show as its vehicle (pardon the pun) to unveil its very first attempt at a hybrid concept car, not to mention using […]