bradley-watchIt is not as though the blind or visually impaired do not have a way to tell the time, it is just that watches for them are few and far in between. Well, the Bradley Timepiece happens to be an exception to the rule, where this watch was specially designed for blind people, and it has been named after a Paralympian gold medallist who lost his ability to see in Afghanistan. The thing about the Bradley Timepiece is this – it happens to be purchased mainly by sighted people instead.

Just how does the Bradley Timepiece actually work? For starters, this timepiece would arrive with a stark, circular titanium face, and there are no hands whatsoever for you to view. Numbers too, are unsurprisingly, missing from the face of the timepiece. What it does have, however, would be a groove that is located in the center where a ball-bearing rotates in order to mark the exact minute. Around the edge of the watch would be another ball bearing that will rotate so that you know what hour it is.

The Bradley Timepiece was designed by Hyungsoo Kim who received the inspiration to come up with the watch when he was in a lecture hall at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in September 2011, as a visually impaired neighboring student asked him for the time. Don’t you just love stories with humble beginnings?

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