Haptica Braille Watch

Blind people have had a hard time telling the time with the current generation of watches available to them – an analog watches that requires users to feel bumps all around the watch in order to tell the time, which is time consuming and inaccurate or a digital watch that reads out the time with the press of a button – accurate and fast, but useless on a noisy street, and it can’t be used discreetly. A man called David Chavez has come up with a Braille “digital” watch. The watch has a display for 4 different digits, and users can just feel the bumps on their watch to tell time quickly and accurately. It has a sleek design and will even appeal to people who with perfectly good eyesight – the watch is one trendy looking device. However, David doesn’t have the funds required to kick start the watch into production, and he is crowdsourcing the start up funds on Kickstarter.com. His goal is far from completion, but if you think the watch deserves the funding it needs, head over to the Kickstarter website for more details and to pledge a donation.

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