When you have a game that is called Monster Hunter, then you would definitely anticipate there to be plenty of blood shed as you start to drop monsters one by one, as though they were like flies, and you are the efficient fly swatter. Well, we are glad to say that Capcom’s latest Monster Hunter 4G trailer sheds off all pretense, where this trailer depicts plenty of monster killing that will hopefully satiate your appetite to purchase the game when it finally arrives.

Do bear in mind that this particular trailer is technically meant for the Japanese release, and the entire gamut of footage consists of loud music and roaring, and I suppose Godzilla’s roar does not need to be in Japanese or English – it should be able to transcend all language barriers.

In the latest trailer, it depicts a desert environment that comes complete with plenty of sand and an oasis that pops up once in a while. Other than ancient ruins and caves that bake in the oppressive desert heat, you will have to be on the lookout for monsters who are licking their chops, hoping to get a piece of you. Monster Hunter 4G is actually a remastered version of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate that rolled out in fall last year for the Nintendo 3DS.

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