capn-america-shieldForget about saving the world – sometimes, it pays to pay attention to the small little details such as saving data. Captain America, the super soldier, might be having a rocking good time at the cinema at the moment in The Winter Soldier, but this does not mean that the relentless march of product tie-ins and merchandising has stopped. No sir, you will also be able to purchase his shield that will come with the added ability to store data via a USB flash drive form factor, although you can ditch ideas of melting it for its vibranium since it is made out of zinc alloy instead.

Not quite the same stuff as depicted in the fictional Marvel Universe, but it gets the job done in conveying the visual messages. This USB flash drive will look like the famous shield of Captain America, sporting red, white and blue shades alongside a solitary white star located right smack in the center. Not only that, there is also a built-in lanyard that accompanies this miniaturize shield so that you will be able to wear it around your neck like a necklace.

Interestingly enough, this bad boy sports two USB plugs, with one being a standard full size USB 3.0 port, while the other will connect to devices that support USB OTG. It will arrive in varying capacities of 8GB all the way to 32GB, while pricing starts from $59.99 and tops out at $83.99.

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