disabled-turtle-finFreedom, an endangered green sea turtle, does not really live up to his name, since he lost his left flippers four years back when he got all tangled up in a fishing net. At a rescue center that is located north of Tel Aviv, Freedom managed to cross fins with Shlomo Gez, who happens to be an industrial design student that has thought up of an ingenious method to give the disabled green sea turtle another shot at life.


Freedom actually has a new artificial fin that is attached to his back by Gez, and Gez has this to say about the new appendage, “It’s based on fish biomimicry, in fish the back fin of the fish it does just balance.” Of course, Gez had to make sure that Freedom’s shell is completely dry prior to gluing the new prosthetic fin into place. Gez continued, “There’s still a long way but it’s getting better and better and I can say today that when he has the fins on him, he’s much calmer, he doesn’t get into panic, he doesn’t have any problems anymore.”

So much so that Freedom is actually dating with Tzurit, whom everyone is rooting for them to mate, as she too, remains a captive turtle after she lost her eyesight in a boating accident.

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