Apps have taken over our lives these days to a great extent, and no longer do you need to trouble yourself with a physical photo album for your stored memories, as everything has gone digital now. New apps might make it a snap to capture photos, but to actually archive and catalog those is another challenge altogether. Dropbox intends to help you out with the introduction of Carousel, which happens to be a gallery for all the photos and videos from your life.

Carousel would combine the photos within your Dropbox alongside those snapshots that were captured on your phone, where it will automatically back up new shots as you take them. Carousel would then go ahead and sort out all of these memories by event, allowing you to return to the right time and date if you need to pull out something from the past. What makes it different from other mobile galleries would be the fact that your Carousel’s size will not be constrained by the space on your handset.

Apart from that, Carousel also offers the ability to carry out private conversations, as they believe that such memories are meant to be shared among your close and loved ones. This lets you share hundreds of photos without taking any more time than it would by sending a single text. You can pick it up for the iOS and Android platforms.[Press Release]

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