facebook-messenger-2013-11Facebook Messenger, for those unfamiliar, is a separate app that lets you message your friends without actually having to open up the Facebook app itself. However there are times when it gets a little annoying when messages pop up in the Facebook app and on the Messenger app simultaneously, but it seems that Facebook will be putting an end to that.

According to reports, Facebook has confirmed that they will be removing the Messenger feature from its Facebook mobile app, instead if Facebook users want to chat with their friends on mobile, they will have to turn to Facebook Messenger instead. However not all devices will be affected by this, according to Facebook.

For now, low-end Android devices with memory constraints will be able to maintain the in-app messaging feature and won’t have to download the Messenger app if they don’t want to. WIndows Phone and tablet users will also not be affected by this change as well. Last but not least, the Paper app will still retain its in-app messaging functionality as well.

This might not affect users who are used to chatting via Messenger already, but for those who have been switching back and forth, or have been solely relying on in-app messaging, perhaps this is not the best move, but what do you guys think of Facebook’s decision to have messaging be made exclusively on another app?

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