firefoxos2It does seem as though the appearance and features of Mozilla’s modernized mobile OS, Firefox 2.0, have started to make its way to news channels as it continues its trek to being fully realized. Among the new features in this mobile operating system would include copy and paste, a new and improved lock screen, find-my-phone tools, as well as a spanking a new app switching mechanism. Will Firefox 2.0 be able to cause a dent in the Android-iOS duopoly? Only time will be able to tell, but for now, let us revel in the fact that there is another challenger on the scene.

Mockups of the new mobile operating system were published on Sören Hentzschel’s blog, who happens to be a Mozilla representative in Germany as well. Apart from that, additional details have also started to make their way into Mozilla’s bug-tracking system in the more recent days, and this new version ought to be in line for final tests sometime later this July.

While the upcoming features such as copy and paste are more or less a given for established platforms like Android and iOS, at least it shows the world that Firefox 2.0 is serious in its role of being a challenger despite lagging behind the aforementioned platforms by years.

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