flippypad-940x519Google’s Project Ara is unique in the sense that it allows users to swap out certain components for another component, so for example if you wanted to upgrade your phone’s camera, you’d just have to swap out the part for something else, as opposed to having to buy an entirely new phone. That being said we’ve seen how Project Ara can also be linked to wearables, but what about gaming?

In a concept cooked up by designer Samuel Herb, it shows how thanks to the modularity of Project Ara that it is possible to create a device for gaming as well. Dubbed Flippypad, it shows how third-party OEMs could create gaming shells or specific gaming modules that could be attached to the device, thus turning it from a smartphone into a handheld gaming console.

The concept also shows how the shell could incorporate features such as shoulder buttons which are pretty rare as far as gaming accessories for mobile phones are concerned. This could open up the door to different types of games that could take advantage of that feature. Unfortunately like we said, this is only a concept at the moment but its designer is hoping that the word will spread which will hopefully be able to grab Google’s attention.

It’s clever and while we’ve yet to see how well modular smartphones will do in real life, we are definitely excited at the possibilities and this is one of them. In the meantime what do you guys think? Do you think this is something Google should explore and take seriously?

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