htc-one-review-m8-labshot-12We had heard rumors that HTC could be working on a plastic version of their flagship device, the HTC One M8. Perhaps there could be some truth in the rumor because according to the folks at Engadget, they have learnt that the plastic device in question could be the HTC M8 Ace. The M8 Ace has been leaked in the past but not much was known about it, save for the design which looked pretty similar to that of the HTC One M8.

However Engadget has learned that the M8 Ace could sport a unibody made from plastic versus the metal build of the HTC One M8, thus making it more affordable to the masses. Their sources have also revealed to them that the M8 Ace will feature the same hardware specs as the Samsung Galaxy S5, but will be priced cheaper which could give Samsung a run for their money.

No word on when the HTC M8 Ace will be launched, but according to a report by Chinese website TMTpost, a device matching the description has apparently been pegged for a release next month and could be priced at a very affordable $480 unsubsidized. However the price quoted was in the currency of China so there’s no telling if the HTC M8 Ace will see a US release or if it might be a China-exclusive.

That being said if you were looking for a phone with the HTC One M8’s design but didn’t want to shell out more money for the metal build, then perhaps the HTC M8 Ace could be worth keeping an eye out for. Either way we’ll be keeping our own eyes peeled for more information so check back with us at a later date to see if there are any additional details that can be had.

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