kyocera-solar-cycleKyocera has just installed what they call a “Solar Cycle Station for EV (electric vehicles)” at the headquarters of Shintec Hozumi Co., Ltd. which is located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Kyocera designed and constructed this particular system in order for solar-generated power to juice up electric vehicles, and it also doubles up as an emergency power source in the event of a disaster such as an earthquake, helping contribute to the efficient use of clean energy as well as disaster prevention.

Kyocera’s “Solar Cycle Station” has been touted to be an environmentally friendly solar-powered recharging station, where it was first mooted to help out electric-assisted bicycles at the beginning of this decade. It was in 2012 that the company began to supply the Solar Cycle Station for EV, where it has been modified and improved to power electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Carrying the dual mission of protecting the environment and saving electricity costs, Shintec Hozumi decided to install a 230kW Kyocera solar power generating system on its headquarters’ rooftop, so that the entire building will be able to draw from at least one source of clean energy. We do hope to see such initiatives take place on a mass scale in the future, that is for sure. [Press Release]

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