kyocera-verveKyocera has just announced the Verve handset that will go on sale from both Sprint and Boost Mobile. The Kyocera Verve happens to be a feature phone that will come with a traditional number pad on the front, and sports the ability to slide sideways in order to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard right under it – making it a throwback to an older era where slider phones were all the rage. Do not expect anything groundbreaking – this is a feature phone after all.

As for the hardware that can be found on the Kyocera Verve, you would have to learn how to cozy up to a 2.4” display, a 2MP camera, Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, a speakerphone, and a stereo headset jack. Wait a minute here, let me check my calendar and see whether Kyocera was stuck in a time bubble somewhere and still thought that this is 2005 or something.

Sprint claims that the Kyocera Verve has an operating system that is ideal for heavy texters, where it will be limited to CDMA 1X-Advanced and will not support LTE connectivity. Sprint is currently offering the Kyocera Verve for free, although you will have to fork out $5.42 each month for two years. I guess the Kyocera Verve will target those who think that they have no need whatsoever to jump aboard the smartphone bandwagon and want something that simply works. [Press Release]

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