Back in September last year Nokia announced its intention to sell its devices and services business to Microsoft. Since then the deal has had to go through several regulatory hoops, and barring a couple of minor hiccups, it has sailed through federal regulators as well as Nokia’s shareholders. Microsoft expects to close the deal later this month. Nokia’s phone business will thus be renamed. While Redmond hasn’t made an official announcement as yet, an email sent by the company to suppliers reveals that Nokia’s phone division will be renamed Microsoft Mobile Oy. (Oy is Finland’s equivalent of Ltd.)

The division, Microsoft Mobile, will stay in Finland as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft. Official business address will be changed from Nokia HQ on Keilalahdentie to Keilaranta in Espoo. Apart from the change in legal address another change after close of the transaction would be the removal of Nokia’s logo from purchase orders.

Since Microsoft assumes all rights, benefits and obligations of Nokia’s devices and services business, including its agreements with suppliers and partners, Redmond will continue to do business with them. The company tells suppliers that they can also continue to do business with Nokia, for example on Advanced Technologies, NSN and HERE Maps, for which the Finnish company will communicate with them separately.

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