oneplus-03Back in 2013, Oppo’s VP, Pete Lau, resigned in order to start up the OnePlus company which is responsible for the OnePlus One Android handset that runs on CyanogenMod. That being said, it would seem that apart from the fact that Pete Lau used to work for Oppo, there’s really nothing else that ties both companies together, or is there?

According to a document from the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervisory Authority (SIPO), it seems that OnePlus has one stockholder which turns out to be Oppo, thus suggesting that OnePlus might actually be an Oppo subsidiary, or a company that Oppo might have a huge amount of investment in. Why does this matter?

Well for starters OnePlus’ founder, Pete Lau, has repeatedly denied that OnePlus has anything to do with Oppo. For second, the OnePlus One’s design is very similar to that of the Oppo Find 7, which is something we’re pretty Oppo might have taken offense with if they were indeed truly a separate company. When asked about this, Lau responded by saying, “perhaps its because our aesthetics standard trends to be similar” and that “all phone(s) nowadays looks like iPhone.”

However at the end of the day, for some it’s all about the product. If the phone is priced affordably, performs well, and meets their expectations, it doesn’t really matter if OnePlus is owned by Oppo. At the same time we can only imagine that some customers might not appreciate being lied to, but what do you guys think? Does it matter to you that OnePlus might be owned by Oppo?

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