oneplus-06According to our report from yesterday, it was suggested that despite OnePlus’ claims that they are separate from Oppo, documents filed in China suggests otherwise. It showed that Oppo is the only stockholder in the company, leading some to believe that Oppo might have a bigger hand in OnePlus than previously thought.

OnePlus has since released a statement regarding the allegations in which they say, “We understand the confusion as many people are just finding out about OnePlus. But as we’ve said from the beginning, OnePlus is a separately run company that does share common investors with OPPO. One of those investors is OPPO Electronic. OPPO Electronic is an investment company and is not the same as OPPO Mobile. OnePlus is also in talks with other investors.”

So basically the Oppo that has a stake in them is separate from the Oppo that makes handsets. To a certain extent we guess it is understandable that companies are trying to diversify themselves, but at the same time it’s a little strange that the parent company who already owns a mobile phone division is investing in a competitor, but who knows what their strategy is.

In any case as we said in our previous post, we doubt that this will affect customers that much. After all most customers care about a well-crafted product and if OnePlus is able to deliver that with the OnePlus One CyanogenMod handset then we suppose customers don’t really have much to complain about, but what do you guys think? Should customers really be that concerned as to who owns OnePlus?

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