pebbleHeads up Pebble smartwatch users, if you’re planning on updating your Pebble smartwatch to the latest Pebble 2.1 update, you might want to hold off for a bit. While getting updates is usually a good thing as they tend to add improvements, new features, and squash any bugs, it seems that Pebble 2.1 is causing Pebble smartwatches to brick.

According to a report from Smartwatch Fans, it seems that there are a growing number of reports that suggests that the update is causing the watch to brick. Several readers have complained that after their watch has been updated, it stops functioning. The update is reportedly causing the watch to crash at launch which makes it pretty useless.

This was confirmed by iMore’s senior editor, Richard Devine who claims that after updating his Pebble smartwatch, he has encountered similar issues as well. According to Devine, the watch is pretty much useless except for telling the time because whenever he tries to open an app, it basically crashes.

The update has also reportedly severed the Bluetooth connection that he had with his iPhone thus rendering him unable to reconnect. As it stands Pebble has acknowledged the issue and are working towards getting it fixed which will hopefully unbrick some of the watches that have been updated.

So in the meantime if you see an update available, you might want to hold off on updating just yet, but so far have any of our readers been affected by the latest Pebble 2.1 update?

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