samsung-galaxy-s5-review-001When you roll out a successful device that comes jam packed with the latest and greatest hardware, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 (as you can see above), does it make sense then to begin tweaking on this particular template so that a variant, or variants, will be released? The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime has been seen on a shipping manifest in India which is yet another rather strong hint of the upcoming smartphone’s reveal. This particular manifest that leaked out the information did not reveal anything more other than the model number SM-G906K, and it seems to be on its way to India from South Korea “R&D Purpose”, with Samsung shipping three of these devices in total.

Of course, it takes perfect sense to see this with a pinch of salt, since anyone can come up with a leak, and such a document is not that difficult to forge. Still, this happens to be one of the more concrete and strong hints that we have come across to date, where the Galaxy S5 Prime ought to arrive in an all metal body that is accompanied by superior grade hardware including an eye watering 2K resolution display, 3GB RAM, a speedy Snapdragon 805 chipset, 32GB of internal memory and the likes.

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