samsung-milkMilk Music happens to be a fully customizable, free and ad-free music radio service that boasts of an intuitive user interface, delivering more than 200 stations for your listening pleasure. Well, all good things must always come to an end, and the ad-free version of Samsung’s Milk Music service will no longer remain in that state unless you are willing to fork out a $4 monthly fee.

Yup, just like how there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world, those living in the U.S. will soon have to fork out $4 per month in order to upgrade their experience to that of a Premium tier so that they will be able to escape from the efforts of persuasive marketers and their ads. Apart from that, you will also be on the receiving end of select “exclusive features” as a bonus, although it remains to be seen just what these will be made up of.

Still, at $4 per month ($3.99 if you want to get specific), Milk Music will still be cheaper than the likes of Pandora and other rivals in the same market segment. Getting unlimited skipping, an ad-free experience, and offline playback among others would definitely be worth every penny that you forked out for it. After all, how far can $4 bring you these days? [Press Release]

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