Like it or not, emojis are very popular. These ubiquitous characters are commonly used in chats, good for people who don’t like expressing themselves with words, but now they have an alternative. Given their popularity, most major chat apps now support them. They’ve also been steadily making their way on websites. Twitter has now added support for these picture characters on its website, tweets viewed through the microblogging service’s website will now display emoji.

Previously emoji support was only limited to Twitter applications on platforms that already had them built-in, such as iOS, OS X and Android. To bring them on the web, Twitter tapped Twitterrific developer The Iconfactory. It came up with its very own character set, which can be used in tweets sent from the web. This enhances the user experience across all supported platforms.

Though as of now emojis haven’t fully become compatible with embedded tweets. Twitter allows people to embed public tweets on blogs and websites, for now any such tweet that contains emojis will only show blank squares. Clicking through to the actual tweet itself will bring them up, but of course that’s because the user is redirected to Twitter’s website. So, who’s down for sending emoji-laden tweets?

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