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Windows 9 Free Upgrade May Not Be Available For All
At an event later today Microsoft is expected to make some announcements regarding the next iteration of its desktop operating system. Rumor has it that the new OS is going to be called Windows 9 and that it will be offered as a free upgrade to any and all Windows 8 users. A similar statement was made by Microsoft Indonesia’s president as well but new information has surfaced online which […]

Windows TH Moniker Spotted On Microsoft Landing Page
Later today we can expect Microsoft to make some kind of Windows-related announcement, which many have speculated could be about the next-generation Windows. At the moment some are calling it Windows 9 due to the natural progression after Windows 8, but at the same time the name “Windows Threshold” has been tossed around a fair bit as well, so which is it?Well according to several sightings over the weekend by […]

Windows 9 Could Come With Real-Time Telemetry System
If the reports are to be believed, later today we could be given a preview of Microsoft’s next-generation Windows operating system, which at the moment could either be known as Windows 9 or Windows Threshold, depending on which rumor you buy into. That being said, it is understandable that many are curious as to what the next-generation Windows could bring to the table.Well according to the folks at ZDNet, one […]

Windows 9 Will Be Free Upgrade For Windows 8 Users, Microsoft Indonesia Confirms
When Apple introduced OS X Mavericks, they also provided it as a free upgrade to OS X users which is a nice change of pace where previously they charged customers for upgrading to a newer version of the operating system. It has been rumored that Microsoft could be following in Apple’s footsteps with Windows 9.


Windows 9 Technical Preview Will Weigh Around 4GB
Over the past few weeks there have been many reports and rumors about the upcoming iteration of Windows. We have seen some of the features it is expected to bring via several leaks and we also got to know that Microsoft will be officially making some kind of Windows-related announcement on Tuesday. It is widely believed that the Windows 9 Technical Preview will be released after the announcement and there’s […]

Microsoft France's President Seemingly Confirms Windows 9
A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft sent out invites to an event on the 30th of September in which many believe that it could be about Windows 9. Well it looks like Microsoft France’s President, Alain Crozier, has confirmed it. According to reports, Crozier was quoted as saying, “Last year, we were with a Windows 8 release, in a few hours, a few days we will release our new OS, […]

Leaked Windows 9 Screenshot Suggests Support For 4K And 8K Resolutions
At the moment, most of us have monitors or use monitors that will display Full HD resolution which seems to be more or less the standard these days. However as 4K monitors start becoming more affordable, we can only assume that one day that 4K displays will become the new standard, but it seems that Microsoft could be thinking about taking it one step further.

Windows 9 Start Menu Matches Theme By Altering Color
When it comes to Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 9, much has been said about it already – and until something official is revealed through the mouth of Microsoft via a press release or statement, all of them will remain as just rumors, and nothing else. Like any other good rumor out there, they can be pretty difficult to put down, since rumors are as juicy as a nice slab […]

Windows 9 Build 9834 Leaked
It does look as though recent leaks on Windows 9 have brought about a greater level of awareness of what this upcoming operating system is capable of, including the introduction of Wi-Fi Sense on the platform. Well, yet another version of Windows 9 has just leaked out, and it would be Windows 9 Build 9834 that goes under scrutiny this time around.

Wi-Fi Sense On Windows 9
Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 9 has seen a fair number of leaks so far, and this has caused a range of information to surface concerning the different features that will be made available when Windows 9 hits the market. It looks like yet another Windows Phone feature has made its way to the rumor mill, and the presence of Wi-Fi sense should not come as a surprise to everyone since we […]

Microsoft's 30th September Invites Hints At Windows 9's Announcement
Windows 9 has been tipped to be the next major revision that Microsoft is said to be making to the Windows franchise. So far we’ve seen leaked photos and videos of the upcoming software, and in fact Microsoft China had not too long ago accidentally revealed the logo of Windows 9 as well.Last we heard, Microsoft is set to make the announcement on the 30th of September. Well the good […]

Cortana For PC Seen In Windows 9 Leaked Screenshot
Microsoft is rumored to release a technology preview of the next Windows iteration in the near future which is why rumors about Windows 9 have picked up over the past couple of weeks. Windows 9 is reportedly going to have various new features including but not limited to Cortana integration. A purported Windows 9 leaked screenshot has been posted online which shows off the Cortana for PC integration for the […]

Storage Sense Feature Could Arrive In Windows 9
It was earlier this week when Windows 9 build 9834 managed to find its way over to the Internet, where we managed to bring you a video of the Start menu button in action as well as a leaked screenshot. Apart from checking out the new Start menu as well as virtual desktop on a deeper level, there is yet another feature that looks set to arrive – and that […]

Unearthed Windows 9 Video Shows Off New Start Menu
So, you have seen a leaked screenshot of the upcoming Windows 9 build that will feature a new Start menu, but what is the whole point of a picture when there is something else better out there – namely a video? What you see above happens to be build 9834 of Windows 9 in action, where you can check out how the new Start menu would actually look like and […]