windows-technical-preview-th-leak-100462630-largeLater today we can expect Microsoft to make some kind of Windows-related announcement, which many have speculated could be about the next-generation Windows. At the moment some are calling it Windows 9 due to the natural progression after Windows 8, but at the same time the name “Windows Threshold” has been tossed around a fair bit as well, so which is it?

Well according to several sightings over the weekend by The Verge and Neowin, the name Windows TH has been spotted on a landing page of its own at the TechNet website, which for those unfamiliar is Microsoft’s information portal for IT professionals. According to the landing page, it also had a headline which read, “Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise” and also referred to Windows TH as the next version of the Windows platform.

The page has since been removed, unsurprisingly, but the Windows TH name does leave little to the imagination as we can only speculate that “TH” stands for “Threshold”. Or so we hope. However it does seem a little odd for a name as Threshold does seem more like a codename Microsoft would use internally as opposed to a name they would try and market.

After all we’ve have Windows 7, Windows 8, so Windows 9 would not be that much of a stretch. In any case like we said, later today Microsoft should be sharing some additional details about their next Windows build, so do check back with us then for the details.

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