Wolfenstein has to be one of the more classic FPS games from back in the day that helped make the genre popular. We guess it’s about time that someone revived the classic which is what Bethesda has done with Wolfenstein: The New Order which is currently scheduled for a release on a multitude of platforms come 20th May.

Now we’ve seen various footage and photos from the game, such as trailers, screenshots, concept images, and so on, but if you were wondering how the game will actually play, you might be interested to learn that Bethesda has recently released a 30 minute video which basically showcases the gameplay of the upcoming game, giving gamers a pretty deep look into what they might be able to expect.

Since the video itself is pretty long, you might want to enjoy it with a snack or a drink. For those who’d rather not spoil the game for themselves, we guess you should probably skip the footage as there are spoilers in the footage that we’re sure some gamers would much rather they discover for themselves.

However for those who think that this is not enough, the good news is that Bethesda will be hosting another livestream of the game on the 24th of April at 2pm EST, so you can check back then if you’d like to see additional gameplay and learn more about the game. In the meantime who’s excited for the game’s upcoming release?

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