Last year Bethesda announced that both DOOM and Wolfenstein II would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. DOOM has since been released but Wolfenstein II has yet to be launched and there is still no launch date yet. Fans have since taken to Twitter to ask the company about it, and it seems like we could still be in for a wait.

According to the response given by Bethesda’s Spanish account, it seems that the game is still being worked on. Based on the translation, it sounds like Bethesda is still polishing up the game and optimizing it so that it looks as good as possible. They also address the question of DLCs, saying that they have no news at the moment which means that there is a good chance the game might launch without the DLCs.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was launched on the PC and consoles back in 2017 so as far as Bethesda titles are concerned, this is probably the most modern title that they have released for the Switch thus far. The company has released Skyrim and DOOM which makes Wolfenstein II the third and latest title for Nintendo’s console.

Unfortunately fans will have to wait and hopefully we will be able to get a more concrete release date soon. In the meantime we suppose fans will just have to remain patient.

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