Wolfenstein was one of the first few FPS games available on PCs back in the day, and one could even go as far as saying that the game, along with others such as Quake and Doom, were instrumental in helping popularize the FPS genre. Now it looks like a gaming company by the name of Archon Studio wants to take Wolfenstein and transform it into a tabletop board game.

According to the game’s synopsis, “At the end of the 1950s, an almost 70-year-old Adolf Hitler worries about his deteriorating health and the growing influence of Wilhelm Strasse, who wishes to supplant him. Not happy with thoughts of his demise, the Furher has decided to create two top secret research teams and hide the in the recently rebuilt and reinforced Castle Wolfenstein. One team is to be led by General Oscar von Grim and the second by Professor Solomon Bevli.”

Now obviously given that this will be a board game, the game’s mechanics will be a bit more complex rather than just grabbing and gun and mowing enemies down. Instead, it will rely on miniature figurines as well as cards that will provide players with additional missions. This will also be a game is designed to play with others and each character players choose will come with their own talents and abilities.

From what we can tell based on the images, the figurines are very detailed and appear to be well-crafted. The board game itself also looks fantastic and creates a more immersive playing experience compared to just playing using pieces of paper. The entire game is priced at $120 and if you’re interested, then head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details and to pledge your support.

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