androidwear-peekAndroid Wear was first announced in March earlier this year, where since then, details that concern both hardware as well as software started to leak out for the masses to know more about Android Wear. Well, it is nice to know that such information has not stopped trickling out, with Google sharing off some images and video that depicts just how the Android Wear notifications of the future will look like.

Some of the screenshots do hail from different notifications from various apps such as the Nest thermostat, Calendar, Clash of Clans as well as a podcast. The notifications will be accompanied by details concerning the alert itself,including an icon that indicates just which app that it came from, and where the podcast playback notification is concerned, the ability for the user to pause or change tracks.

Apart from that, developers will also be able to know how to throw in Android Wear notifications that have multiple pages to their current apps. The inclusion of Android Wear alerts will only require the developer to add on just a few additional lines of code into the current app, how painless is that? I am quite sure that many of us do look forward to see what else Android Wear will be able to deliver in the long run.

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