Augmented reality is a pretty cool concept since it is a merging of the real world with technology, like smartphones, tablets, computers, headsets, and so on. It has also been recently used by Giraffas, one of the largest restaurant chains in Brazil who has started promoting the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014 which will be kicking off in about a month’s time.

The promotion will use one of the restaurant’s food trays, which has been designed to resemble a football field, and will use an app on your iPhone which turns it into a virtual goalkeeper. Together with an orange paper ball, the player will try to flick it at their iPhone in order to score a goal against the goalkeeper.

The app will be able to detect the orange paper ball via your iPhone’s front-facing camera. From what we can tell, the app seems to be responsive enough and it does look like a lot of fun. Unfortunately this game can only be played near Giraffas’ establishments, but given that the restaurant has about 412 locations across Brazil, safe to say that restaurant goers will have no problems finding an outlet to try the game out.

The World Cup 2014 will be kicking off on the 12th of June in Brazil, so it looks like if you were hoping to try your hands at the game, you’d probably have to fly down to Brazil for it. In the meantime what do you guys make of this promotion? Pretty cool, huh?

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