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App Turns Fast Food Trays Into Virtual Football Field
Augmented reality is a pretty cool concept since it is a merging of the real world with technology, like smartphones, tablets, computers, headsets, and so on. It has also been recently used by Giraffas, one of the largest restaurant chains in Brazil who has started promoting the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014 which will be kicking off in about a month’s time.The promotion will use one of the restaurant’s food […]

Brazil Will Deploy Robots To Police The World Cup
Which would be more scary? A human being police officer, or a robot? On one hand a police officer can be reasoned with and talked to, but a robot will be non-discriminative and will just follow its given orders. Both have its ups and downs, but if you’re planning on heading over to Brazil to watch the World Cup later this year, you might want to keep an eye out […]

Samsung Accused Of Violating Labor Rights Of Employees In Brazil
Samsung has been known to manufacture a number of popular products, such as the Galaxy S4 and even its new Curved OLED TV, which the company announced would be making its way the the U.S. yesterday. It seems all of those amazing products may come at a price other than the money from your wallet as prosecutors in Brazil have filed a lawsuit against Samsung that accuses them of violating local labor […]

Domino's Customizes DVDs To Smell Like Pizza When Played
We’re not sure what’s going on in Brazil these days, but they’re coming up with some seriously awesome products as just last week, Huggies unveiled its TweetPee product, which alerts parents when they need to change their baby’s diaper. This week, Dominoes in Brazil is making DVDs smell a little bit more delicious.Dominoes has partnered up with ten video rental stores located in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to have […]


Windows 7 Update Bug Results In Endless Reboots In Brazil
Rome might be the Eternal City, but Windows 7 could be the eternal reboot, if nothing is done about the situation for folks living in Brazil. I am referring to those who are running the 32-bit version of Windows 7 on their notebooks in Brazil, where their machines would end up in an infinite reboot cycle after installing the latest update. Right now, it would be best if you were […]

Brazilian Federal Attorney's Office sues Twitter
Despite Twitter’s recent move to censor tweets by region, it looks like it isn’t enough to keep the Brazilian Federal Attorney Office happy. It recently received a lawsuit from the Brazilian Federal Attorney Office, requesting that it suspends and block Twitter profiles that warn other Twitter users about traffic controllers. In case you didn’t know, there are a number of Brazilian twitter profiles created solely to warn Twitter users about […]

iPhone 4 is made in Brazil now
Flip over your iPhone 4, and chances are you would have come across the words “Assembled in China”, to keep the classic “Designed by Apple in California” sentence company. Well, this time around, the iPhone 4 that is spotted above no longer holds the classic “Assembled in China” words, but rather, has replaced it with “Industria Brasiliera”. A little bit of help from Google Translate would point towards this particular […]

iPhone 4S (N90A) for real?
Gizmodo has exclusive images of what could very well be the iPhone 4S, which frankly, remains under the “unicorn” category for many people since most of us out there would be craning our necks to see an iPhone 5 instead.

Brazil First in the World to Go Fully Digital for National Census
Despite having the opening question of its national census be: do you use a hole in the ground or open cesspit for a toilet? Brazil, a country stricken with poverty, is leading the world in moving to smartphones and converting to a fully digital national census. The country will be employing 150,000 LG GM750 smartphones running on the Windows Mobile operating system to collect responses, data, photos, and GPS location […]

Samsung Apps Released For Various Countries
Mobile application stores are all the rage these days, and now Samsung has announced the expansion of its application store, Samsung Apps. By late January, folks who are living in Singapore, Germany, Brazil and China and own an Omnia II or OmniaLITE will have access to Samsung Apps. Apps such as Guitar Hero, Spiderman, and Need for Speed will be available during launch, amongst others, and there will be more […]