facebook pokeFacebook has experimented with a variety of apps in the past, all of which we were sure Facebook was hoping would become the next big thing. However in the process, Facebook released a bunch of apps that failed to make an impact, and it looks like they will be pulling them. The social networking giant has recently decided to pull two apps from App Store in the form of Facebook Poke and Facebook Camera.

For those who don’t remember, Facebook Poke was basically Facebook’s answer to Snapchat. It allowed users to send messages to one another with a self-destruct timer, much like Snapchat. However with Snapchat starting to gain more notoriety and becoming more established, Facebook Poke soon faded to the background.

In fact there were reports that suggested that Snapchat’s founder turned down a bid by Facebook for $3 billion, because they believed that they would be able to make it on their own. So far it seems to be that way.

Next we have the Facebook Camera app. This app was launched quite a while ago and basically allows users to take photos, edit them in the app, and upload them onto Facebook. While the app itself was not a bad one, much of its features were taken and incorporated into the main Facebook app, thus taking away the need for a separate app.

We’re not sure if anyone will be missing either of these two apps, but if you still have them on your phone, perhaps you’ll want to keep them around, just for memories.

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