sleep-apnea-implantThere is nothing quite like having quality sleep, that is for sure. After all, having a good night’s rest (or even a quick nap in the afternoon) is crucial in keeping your brain working at optimal capacity throughout the next day. We are a sleep deprived lot, and for those who have tried just about everything without actually experiencing any kind of success will be pleased to hear that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have given their nod of approval for a pacemaker-like device from Inspire Medical Systems that will target sleep apnea patients.

This particular implant will cater to folks who have trouble with the current standard of care, which comes in the form of machines that blow air via a bedtime mask. Sleep apnea patients tend to suffer from the loss of crucial deep sleep time, and will remain at a higher risk for car accidents, heart attack and stroke. The implant intends to treats the medical condition by stimulating a nerve which will control key airway muscles in order for them to remain in place, instead of having these very same muscles interfere with one’s breathing.

A tiny generator will be implanted in the upper chest region in the same vein as that of a pacemaker or a defibrillator, where it will be hooked to an electrical stimulation lead in the throat that is capable of figuring out breathing patterns. This in turn delivers a current to keep airways open during sleep. The system can be activated via a tiny hand-held remote before bed, and one will be able to turn off the system upon waking up, too. Hopefully it will be affordable enough for the masses in due time.

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