uc-irvine-glassUC Irvine would now carry the distinction of being the first medical school in the U.S that will fully incorporate wearable tech into its curriculum, as medical students there have received their very own pair of Google Glass. This California educational institution figured out that such a device could very well help students with anatomy, clinical skills, and hospital rotations, and it just goes to show how Google Glass is slowly but surely making its way into our mainstream consciousness, as more and more people get used to seeing this bad boy around in public.

Expect Google Glass to be fully incorporated into its four-year curriculum, where both first- and second-year students will make use of this device in their anatomy and clinical skills courses, while third- and fourth-year students will be wearing Google Glass during their hospital rotations.

UC Irvine’s dean of medicine Dr. Ralph V. Clayman shared, “I believe digital technology will let us bring a more impactful and relevant clinical learning experience to our students. Enabling our students to become adept at a variety of digital technologies fits perfectly into the ongoing evolution of healthcare into a more personalized, participatory, home-based and digitally driven endeavor.” Would you, as a patient, be comfortable with the thought of your doctor wearing Google Glass while he/she makes their rounds?

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