Ah, the Need for Speed, a game franchise that has just about seen a release of sorts every single year without fail – at least until 2014, that is, also had a movie which hit cinemas earlier this year, although one can safely say that it will not be able to hold a candle to the Fast and the Furious franchise on the silver screen. Having said that, a fan of Need for Speed has decided to make use of the demo recording feature on the PC version of GTA IV, having recreated the entire movie trailer for Need for Speed movie – in the GTA IV environment, of course.

The video above would depict a side-by-side comparison, with Niko Bellic playing the main character. Do bear in mind that if it lacks some sort of professionalism, this is because this happens to be a fan made video, so one’s expectations should not be too high in the first place. Alternatively, the fan should be commended for having to go through all of that trouble to keep the Internet entertained.

What are some of the other movie trailers that you think can be recreated (and done extremely well) using GTA IV’s demo recording feature?

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